In the good old days you enter your favorite store on Oxford Street. A sales representative approaches you and asks “How may I help you?” and you tell her what you are looking for. He/she shows you their several items from their collection and asks few questions. After showing you several products she/he understands what you are looking for or the price range you are willing to pay. Then he/she guides you to the right direction even inform you about the discount deals they have. You find what you want and complete your purchase. If you are a regular the sales representative may even know your preferences or remember past purchases to guide you. If you also gave them your address. The store would send you discount codes in your mail. ( wasting paper, harming trees)

Online Stores

On the other hand, online stores do not have a close relationship with their customers. They can easily reach far more people on a shorter period of time but personal relations are set aside. Online stores can reach more people but there is no physical or emotional connection between the store and the customer, therefore, there is a need to make that connection.

AI Systems

Marketing automation is a set of software and tools that automate actions in your online store. It would be nice if you could assign a real sales representative to every visitor to your online store to guide them to purchase your collection. However, marketing automation is even better since you can reach your customer when he/she is not visiting your store and also record and analyze their past purchases, preferences, what colors they like etc.

AI systems understand the preferences and try to predict the next purchase, with time it learns from behavior and acts accordingly. It fills the missing component of online shopping. In a way, it mimics the old-fashion way of sales representation with less costs. It makes new offers or asks them to visit the store the way you want it. Marketing automation is highly effective that you connect with people, without the time costs. That feeling of connection increases sales rates and repeat purchases.

Since you’re here…

As LeftBrain we recommend you to try our AI system, or other systems if you wish, to understand how automation benefits your business. Our support team would be happy to help you grow your business. If you have additional questions about marketing automation systems please contact our support team.