Marketing AI

Artificial intelligence Marketing ( AI Marketing ) is a method of using the client’s data and AI terms such as machine learning to predict the next movement and improvement of the client’s journey .

Marketers are already immersing their toes in smarter advertisements, with the marketing solutions based on accounts, but AI helps the team to take the layer further for a truly insightful analysis.

AI marketing is using technology such as; the ability to learn from machines, to enhance customer experience by creating personalized deals in the right way.

Over time, the AI will be helping the sales staff to customize offers while customers are exploring and buying, predicting what they are looking for, presenting more personalized referrals to them, and driving innovations on all sides.

Brands and marketers are using the AI-based e-commerce technology to help them to manage their efforts and assets through the use of their online services. The implementation of AI’s digital marketing strategy helps to get to the relevant audiences with offers that they can’t refuse.

Implementations of AI

Instead of spending a lot of money on a content office or a writer’s team, businesses are currently using creative AI-driven tools to speed up their marketing (and more creative) than ever before. In addition to the creation of content, AI can also help marketers to scale their e-mail marketing efforts. But in addition to content customization, AI can also assist marketing specialists in optimizing their campaign to maximize the earning potential.

Marketers use innovative AI-based systems to implement strategies to increase revenue and reduce costs.AI-driven marketing solutions seem to be a forward-looking marketer, but some of the creators are there to cope with the most difficult and long-term activities that sellers have to deal with. AI suggests that it offers marketers an unprecedented opportunity to improve customization, productivity and performance.

AI has a significant influence on the market, and it will further shape the future of the commercialization and a means of forging a link between businesses and customers.

For example, Starbucks is using AI’s digital marketing strategies effectively to complement human workers.

The use of AI’s digital marketing strategies helps brands to provide better customer experience and more effective marketing. Artificial intelligence tools applied in these areas are based on long-term marketing strategy and technology, such as recommendation of products and forecasts. Some sales and marketing AI instruments crunch numbers, identify patterns and analyzes large quantities of information in very little time.

 AI-driven technology is designed to revolutionize marketing by introducing a large number of high-quality data to the extent that it uses deep learning. Wherever marketers decide to implement AI, they all realize that the AI technology is changing the marketing of AI, as we are aware of it and that it affects different aspects of the business.

Well, here’s where marketing specialists are in demand for a rig or programmer that allows them to perform analytics with machine learning and Artificial Intelligence (AI) to promote their campaign.

But getting AI and machine learning in their marketing reach can do the work and more – ensuring that consumers get the personalized content they need to communicate with the brand.


AI-powered tools can put a lot of strength into understanding of your customers’ behavior. Combine advanced machine learning with data to thoroughly analyze the end-to-end effects of your business.

The AI are restricted to their own experience; insight and possibly the strategy that your business will prescribe, but all of them will come up with a lot of information that is relevant to the sale has been made on its own.

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Whether it is big or small, you want to see your company grow. While growing you will need to hire additional staff which increases your costs. Marketing automation systems decrease the time spent on each customer dramatically and also help you to decrease your costs.

How Marketing Automation can increase productivity?

Marketing Automation systems rely on latest machine learning and artificial intelligence methodologies. The software analyzes behavioral patterns and changes of your customers or your potential customers. If you have an e-commerce business or you work for an e-commerce store, you need to analyze thousands of data, which is near impossible for small or medium businesses.

LeftBrain supports Shopify stores by suggesting new products to their customers and send automated e-mails with few basic steps. Ultimately, it reduces your costs and increases customer lifetime value.

How will it affect my business?

Automated messages will increase brand awareness and generate new revenue by suggesting personalized discount codes & product suggestions. As you know, today’s customers have access to information about your business and they can stop visiting you if you cannot create a good customer experience.

If you know your customer better and take care of them, they will visit and buy from you again. That is how marketing automation helps you spend less time and less human resource for your customers. If you are a small business owner, your success is dependent on your customer satisfaction ratings. That is where you can compete with much bigger businesses.

Why is it important?

People don’t forget their bad experiences, acquiring a new customer will take more time than retaining an existing customer. According to The White House Office of Consumer Affairs, it is 6-7 times more costly to attract a new customer than it is to retain an existing customer. To keep your customers visit your online store you need to remind how good their experience with your online shop was. And according to Bain&Co’s research, a 10% increase in customer retention levels result in 30% increase in the value of the company.

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Contact our representatives to hear our success stories with our customers and learn the mechanisms will help you to grow your business. Please contact with the form below.

In the good old days you enter your favorite store on Oxford Street. A sales representative approaches you and asks “How may I help you?” and you tell her what you are looking for. He/she shows you their several items from their collection and asks few questions. After showing you several products she/he understands what you are looking for or the price range you are willing to pay. Then he/she guides you to the right direction even inform you about the discount deals they have. You find what you want and complete your purchase. If you are a regular the sales representative may even know your preferences or remember past purchases to guide you. If you also gave them your address. The store would send you discount codes in your mail. ( wasting paper, harming trees)

Online Stores

On the other hand, online stores do not have a close relationship with their customers. They can easily reach far more people on a shorter period of time but personal relations are set aside. Online stores can reach more people but there is no physical or emotional connection between the store and the customer, therefore, there is a need to make that connection.

AI Systems

Marketing automation is a set of software and tools that automate actions in your online store. It would be nice if you could assign a real sales representative to every visitor to your online store to guide them to purchase your collection. However, marketing automation is even better since you can reach your customer when he/she is not visiting your store and also record and analyze their past purchases, preferences, what colors they like etc.

AI systems understand the preferences and try to predict the next purchase, with time it learns from behavior and acts accordingly. It fills the missing component of online shopping. In a way, it mimics the old-fashion way of sales representation with less costs. It makes new offers or asks them to visit the store the way you want it. Marketing automation is highly effective that you connect with people, without the time costs. That feeling of connection increases sales rates and repeat purchases.

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As LeftBrain we recommend you to try our AI system, or other systems if you wish, to understand how automation benefits your business. Our support team would be happy to help you grow your business. If you have additional questions about marketing automation systems please contact our support team.

Let’s begin with facts, acquiring a new customer is always harder and much more expensive than retaining it. Including time costs.

What to consider before starting an e-commerce store?

If you’re new on e-commerce business and you’re asking your friends and acquintances; what to do and you’re reading blogs and books to gain some customer insight. Remember this, nothing happens too quickly so, let’s begin planning your business.

Let’s consider the scenario where you have an online store and you’ll sell things. It doesn’t matter what you’re going to sell.

Domain and store names are important. These should be relevant to your potential audience. Select colors according to your targeted demographics; such as age, gender, etc. Colors trigger emotions and certain behaviors. Don’t forget images are pretty important, it affects potential customers’ buying decision.

Those were the basics. Probably, like most people, you won’t design a whole brand new online store. There are a lot of options like Shopify.

Gaining trust

You started to make some sales and you realized it is hard to gain trust. So there are a few things to do. One basic thing is using social proof; letting others see what people think about your products. Create hashtags on social media. Curate them, share them on your website, publish positive and negative feedbacks on your website. Reviews are opportunity to create e-wom(electronic word of mouth). You cannot control the e-wom but, it will probably benefit your sales. Those are to gain new customers, as you see you need to a lot of time consuming things to do. I don’t mean that you shouldn’t do it though. If you cannot make them buy from you again, your customer acquisition costs grew higher.

Why should they come back to your store ?

An average person makes multiple purchases from different stores all the time. In UK an average buyer spends £1296 for online purchases. Why do they need to repeat purchases from your store? There are thousands of stores your potential customers can buy from. Sure their shopping experience, satisfaction from past purchases effects their repeat purchasing beahaviour the most. Don’t forget humans are creatures of habit. However there are a lot you can do to initiate repeat purchases. Send them personalized promotion e-mails. Create sense of urgency, let them act fast, without any stress and panic. Never forget your marketing costs are much lower for repeat purchases.

Abandoned carts, abandoned carts…

Here’s a tactic, which is generic but works. Amazon built it’s empire on this. ABANDONED CARTS!Reach them back! Send them promo codes. Make some suggestions, ask them to spend more time on your site. They’ll eventually find something suitable for themselves.

So, how is it less time consuming and cost effective?

Some might say, hey! This guy was speaking lots of e-mail, personalized stuff. I thought retaining customers were cost effective.

Of course it is. Integrate marketing automation to your store. Set up the system and check up the data occasionally. There are considerable amount of automation systems but since you’re here, try LeftBrain’s Shopify app. Reach our customer service they’ll walk you through everything you’ll need to know.