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  • 100% Marketing Automation

    LeftBrain Technology helps you send smart offers to your online customers. By transforming hyper-intelligent data into hyper-personalized marketing, your business will continually enhance one-to-one marketing strategies.

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What We Do

  • Gather Data

    Gather valuable data to analyze customer behavior.

  • Develop Insights

    Develop key insights and personalized campaigns.

  • Expand Strategies

    Expand and refine marketing strategies.


  • Yesim Arslanbek

    Founder of Crysellas

    Each customer has unique taste and they all need to be treated in a unique way. LeftBrain automates the whole process of understanding every customer and providing them with relevant and timely content.

  • Connell Cuffie

    General Manager at Leitersburg Cinemas

    LeftBrain has already proven to be a great marketing tool to engage our customers and entice them back again and again. As a small business, we finally have access to cutting edge technology that understands and predicts our customer behavior. We sell more movie tickets as a result.

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